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Property Management

Say goodbye to the days of keeping track of 10+ companies to manage your estate.

We work with the local leaders in every industry to take care of everything on your behalf.

Commercial Services

Hotels, Retail Shops, Corporate Offices, Medical Facilities, Restaurants, Schools & Universities, Entertainment Venues, Warehouses & Industrial Buildings.

Interior Painting

Decades of trials to determine the best preparation, products, and application.

Squeeze the absolute most out of your investment by exceeding the expected lifespan of a paint job.

Exterior Painting

Current Problem: Your paint is tired and needs a refresh.

Future problem: Neighbors knocking on your door asking for Marullo Brothers!


Many aesthetics can not be achieved with paint alone.

Landscapes, textures, 3D wall dressings, custom murals, and patterns from your favorite designers.

These offerings provide a sophisticated and breathtaking alternative to paint!

Bathroom Remodels

From outdated with mold, to modern and bold.

We’ve made our design process seamless and hassle-free. Offering only the finest selections and materials.

Bathroom renovations built to last, no leaks, no callbacks.

Kitchen Renovations

The Kitchen is heart of every home.

Kitchen renovations that are deserving of your most anticipated home cooked meals are a phone call away!

General Contracting

Project Management & Regulatory Compliance.

Home Additions, Deck & Patio, Windows & Doors, Flooring, and more!

Medical Facilities

Doctors offices, Dentists, Medical spas, Hospitals, Urgent care, Private practice. 

Streamline the management of your facility with out tried and true services, tailored for medical environments. 


First, introductions!

We always do an in-person walkthrough to get a sense of your vision and scope of work.

From there we’ll work together on color schemes, paint options, finish levels, and material preferences.

If you have any unknowns or questions about your design, we’re here to point you in the best direction!

With that information we draft your proposal, once approved we are off to the races!

The prep work required for a painting job varies based on the desired result.

Sometimes, all you want is to slap of coat of paint on a few walls to clean it up a bit which requires a minimal amount of prep. This would be a Level 3 Finish.

The other side of the spectrum would be a museum quality finish, Level 5. Where the most care is taken, and the prep work is performed meticulously in order to achieve a finish that is nearly free of any flaws. 

The amount of prep work is always based on the final product the client is looking for!

Level 0-5 is actually based on the drywall prior to painting, as the drywall is ultimately the foundation of how the paint will look. 

It’s a scale we will discuss and decide on during our walkthrough consultation.

It’s relevancy to you and I will mostly be Level 3-5, as Levels 0-2 are reserved for final products that aren’t for public viewing or home use. Such as attics, construction zones, and crawlspaces.  

Level 3 is what many call the “Landlord Special” Minimal priority on a stunning finish, and the most priority on speed and economics. We won’t be painting over your outlets, or painting your windows shut, but we do tend to advise against Level 3!

Level 4 is where most homes sit. Perfect for matte finishes, many semi gloss finishes, and will give great results.

Level 5 is the absolute king. But it’s not for everyone.  Museum level finishes, many gloss finishes, and results for the most meticulous clients require Level 5 prep. For example, a high gloss paint will reflect any minor imperfection in the drywall and that will show in the final result. 


Each job has it’s own unique considerations to take into account, but on average:


Bathrooms: 2-3 Weeks


Kitchens: 3-5 Weeks


Wallpaper: 1-2 days per room. 

The current condition of the surfaces and the size of the areas are what determines timeframe here. 


Interior Painting: 2 days per room. 

Dependent of course on the size of the space, condition of the surfaces, and desired quality of the final product. 


Exterior Painting: These vary so much it’s hard to give a fair and honest time frame. 

Sometimes it’s just a shed which takes a few hours. Other times it’s the entire house, pool house, pool, and the shed, which could take up to 2 weeks.


We will be able to provide a much more accurate timeframe to your exact projects during our introductions and walkthrough!

When choosing a wallpaper, it’s important to consider the space and your tolerance for boldness!

If it’s a commonly occupied room, clients generally stay consistent and accent the dsign of the room. 

Some clients opt to completely change the accent and design of the space by going very colorful, high contrast, black + gold, photorealistic murals 

A Property Manager handles all of the aspects of a Home, Office, or Commercial property that requires on site attention by a range of professionals in different fields.

Your Property Manager will take the load off of you and put it onto himself on your behalf. 

This is achieved by Marullo Brothers, LLC working side by side with tradespeople in all of the applicable local fields on a regular basis for decades in order to take care of all of your current and future property needs. 

Over the years we have discovered first hand which companies share the same values as us, and most importantly, who to avoid.

Having a competent Property Manager for any major application, whether it’s an Estate, Commercial Property, or a Rental Property, is invaluable.

 A Property Manager’s number one function  save you time, to derail any depreciation, and to avoid costly & unnecessary downtime.

No. 10 out of 10 times no, and twice on Sunday.

Take a close look at the reviews of those companies.

It’s simply not possible to be thorough in a day. 

They are rarely completed in one day, many times getting dragged out for months when the installer says it’s done and the client is not satisfied.

If they were worth it, we wouldn’t be cleaning up the aftermath of them. 

You can have only 2 of the following…Good, Cheap, Fast. 

The biggest impact we can make is with Property Management, as this is where we have the most control over a larger scope.

But across the board, yes there is usually an eco minded alternative to most materials you have to choose from. 

Low-VOC paint, man made alternatives to natural marble, flooring, carpet, and padding selections made with recycled materials and so on. 

These markets recognize their customers desire to be more eco minded and most if not all of them have caught up to meet demand. 

Many of these alternatives are still relatively new compared to traditional offerings, and as with anything there’s always a trade-off.

For example, some Low-VOC or 0-VOC paints may not hold up as well or be as washable as other paints with standard VOC levels.

Feel free to contact us to answer any additional questions!

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